Getting Ready For The Next 50 Years With TLC

Appropriately Marking 50 Years of Service

The Learning Center for the Deaf is an organization with over 50 years of legacy serving deaf and hard of hearing children, adults and families throughout Massachusetts and beyond. Over the past few years, TLC has received new leadership, underwent several brand initiatives, and saw its workforce nearly double as the nonprofit organization continued to expand its programs throughout the state. Outgoing leadership had earmarked funds for a new website to better showcase the direction The Learning Center for the Deaf was heading into the next 50 years.

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New People, New Initiatives, New Challenges

The creation of the new TLC website was a multi-year project involving a variety of stakeholders and vendors both within TLC and outside of TLC. As the organization experienced positive growth, it became clear that the organization was quickly outgrowing the pace of development.  TLC decided to fill gaps by hiring CHILMARKeting to manage the development of its new website by working with vendors and stakeholders.

Throughout that process, a complete digital infrastructure review was done, including looking at form administration, data reporting, online payment tools and CRMs. Because so much was done at once, the undertaking was significant and involved many moving parts. As the new website came online, data and tools were migrated from legacy solutions to new ones culminating in the launch of a new website and digital infrastructure in place to support TLC’s development office.


In Position for the Future

The Learning Center for the Deaf has new capabilities and a framework for executing campaigns. Its work is highly specific and targeted, and involves a variety of considerations including HIPAA, FERPA, state regulations and cultural sensitivity. With tools and processes now in place, TLC can better set up, deploy and manage a variety of initiatives including conferences, events, research, outreach, fundraising, and more. The combined infrastructure is designed to be scalable, flexible, and modular, allowing for a more future-proofed solution.  

Take Your Organization Forward

There are many directions you can take with a website for your organization, but the only wrong path is inaction. Too many organizations live with a website that is outdated and does not serve their needs. We work with organizations who are looking to replace or upgrade their existing website and we provide opportunities and options from full development packages to project management solutions. Contact us today and learn more about how we can work together.

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