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The idea behind CHILMARKeting

The story of how everyone used to sign in Martha’s Vineyard is well known within the Deaf Community – largely because being able to know and communicate with everyone is often wishful thinking. A lesser known detail is the village most populated by the Deaf was Chilmark, a small fishing village on the west side where 1 in 4 people were deaf and practically everyone else knew sign. In 1817 when the first Deaf school in America opened in nearby Hartford, Connecticut, island residents began to move away in pursuit of education and better opportunities. Today, America’s Deaf population permeates the entire United States, with our community finding a role in nearly every part of our society.

Chilmark is now a playground of the wealthy. The village our community left behind in pursuit of opportunities became among the most valuable real estate in Martha’s Vineyard. The Deaf has long disappeared, there is no Deaf Community in Chilmark, or anywhere in Martha’s Vineyard. There are only summer homes in the only place our Deaf Community has ever formed a true, honest-to-God village – where sign language was spoken by everyone up and down the street.

We often think about that history, and how the natural course of things drives us apart – people are driven to pursue new opportunities. CHILMARKeting is inspired by the idea that we can all be a village and grow together.

CHILMARKeting is about understanding communities – ours and the ones we are trying to serve. CHILMARKeting weaves together a digital ecosystem of data and produces new actionable insights. CHILMARKeting allows you to pursue new opportunities without giving up your current ones.

CHILMARKeting is about creating true lasting value. We’re inspired by the idea that working together can help us grow together.

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