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Intelligence for Sports

Find your competitive edge with Intelligence.

CHILMARKeting Intelligence is the perfect solution for leagues, tournaments and sports-oriented organizations looking to make next season the best one ever. We manage players, fans and sponsors in one place so you can focus on winning. 

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Intelligence is a unified player-fan-sponsor platform that makes this competition the best ever.

Run your league and still have time for practice. We work with you to manage all of your league and tournament communications, sales and fundraising.  

More Sponsorships

Create a more attractive sponsorship opportunity and make it easier to get word out to potential sponsors.

Speak Sport

Organize and segment your audience into personas you need: Coaches, players, fans, sponsors, referees, and more.

Scores & Statistics

Start compiling and publishing your league scores and stats. Showcase your competition records.

Marketing Playbook

We work with league managers and tournament directors to deploy a plan to increase registration and sales.

This is how dynasties are built.

Increase team, player and fan registrations and ticket sales.

Manage your games, tournaments and events in one place.

Communicate important information to your competitors and fans with new content.

Create an automated workflow so every season becomes easier to manage than the last.

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