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Intelligence for Organizations

Change the world by reaching more people

CHILMARKeting Intelligence is the perfect, customized solution for organizations that serve their communities. Intelligence can be used to support services and constituents, manage donors, and to increase program revenue.

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Centralize your organization's digital infrastructure and see growth that you can manage.

Do more with less. We make it easy for your existing staff and program managers to have powerful sales and marketing tools without needing specialized skills.

Measured Impact

Create compelling reports that measure program reach and success - across multiple sites & campaigns.

Social Missions

Communicate your organization's goals and successes with more engaging email and social content.

Targeted Reach

Create personas that group your audience into constituents, donors, politicians, or whomever you're targeting.

Google for Nonprofits

We support nonprofits by applying for and managing Google Nonprofits including the Google Ad Grant.

Expand your reach and measure your impact.

Import or sync your existing contacts, leads, and opportunities.

Expand membership with registration and membership drives.

Host more successful conferences/events with more registrations.

Centralize and link all of your digital outreach activities in one place.

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