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Intelligence for Businesses

Understand your customer and close the deal with confidence.

CHILMARKeting Intelligence is the perfect solution for businesses looking to grow and maintain a healthy pipeline of new leads and sales opportunities. We put both marketing and sales dashboards in one place, so you’re able to find and target people like never before. CHILMARKeting Intelligence is the scalable solution that works for you and everyone on your sales and marketing team.¬†

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Execute your business strategy with powerful intelligence.

Spend your time focused on your core products and serving your customers. CHILMARKeting Intelligence makes sales and marketing an intuitive part of your business. Discover an immediate impact from the very first day.

Close Deals Quicker

Use powerful analytics and reports to help you understand customer behavior and to forecast revenue and sales opportunities.

Personalize & Repeat

There's nothing like a well-oiled machine that just works. Optimize your sales & marketing, set it to repeat and see the results.

Long Term Relationships

Cultivate your relationships with our powerful Life of the Lead and Lead Scoring features so you can make your pitch at just the right moment.

Tools for your Team

Provide access to different members of your team including leadership, management, salespeople and marketing teams.

Business Intelligence that works.

Import your existing contacts, leads, and opportunities

Customize deal stages to suit your sales funnel

 Smart Content for landing pages, blogs and emails.

Turn every employee into a salesperson and amplify results.

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