CHILMARKeting - Digital Advocacy & Outreach Agency

Intelligence for Agencies

For Interpreting Agencies that are serious about growth.

CHILMARKeting Intelligence is the perfect solution for interpreting agencies looking to grow and maintain a healthy pipeline of new leads and sales opportunities. We organize and target your clients, consumers and interpreters so you can deploy the appropriate campaign to the right audience.  CHILMARKeting Intelligence is the scalable solution that works for you and everyone in your agency.

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We have extensive experience working with ASL interpreting agencies and understand your unique needs.

CHILMARKeting Intelligence for Agencies comes preconfigured with automated workflows and personas designed for the sign language interpreting agency. So you can build community relationships with the Deaf consumer, recruit certified ASL interpreters, and sell new contracts to local businesses and providers.

Communicate Better

Establish a more efficient communication workflow to support your sales and marketing efforts.

Automate the Followups

Create automated tasks and workflows that help you follow up with potential opportunities.

Get the Right Clients

Go after - and close - bigger deals and interpreting contracts with customized sales pipelines.

Schedule Smarter

We augment most existing scheduling software systems and improve communications.

Expand Your Agency Reach

Pre-populate your account with up to 16,000 certified ASL interpreters.

Grow your agency without growing your workload with automated processes.

Emails and content tailored to specific personas: Deaf, interpreter & business. 

Promote your agency and content in new ways without adding to your already full workflow.

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