CHILMARKeting produces Clerc Classic livestream, website

Last week, I had the pleasure of leading the production of the Clerc Classic Livestream and it was one of the most fun challenges of my career. The CHILMARKeting team worked with CSD Riverside to create the Clerc Classic website as well as produce the most in-depth live coverage of a Deaf sporting event. Although the production was imperfect, I hope we raised the bar in covering this tournament, and paving the way for a higher standard in how we produce and broadcast livestream events. I’d love to produce more events like this and continue to perfect our craft. Learn more about CHILMARKeting at and contact me if you’re interested in Livestreaming your organization’s next event. Many thanks to the terrific people at CSD Riverside, the players and coaches who participated, as well as our all-star production team: Bryce H. Chapman Jon Mowl Ronnie Zuchegno Jr. Clayton McMillan